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Welcome to My EZ Pass Driving & Traffic School located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Driving School located in Jacksonville, Florida.

We specialize in helping beginner drivers master driving and pass their classroom & road tests. Rated as the best driving school in Jacksonville, FL by students! We have only highly trained, experienced, professional and patient instructors. For more Information on driving packages, go to our Driving School page.

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*By Law, You must have a Learners permit to take driving lessons if you are under the age of 18. For Unlicensed Drivers under the age of 18 we offer an online option to take your Learner Permit Test. In addition, you must take the State Required Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE). EVERYONE, regardless of age, must take the TLSAE. Go to our Driving School Menu top of the page for more information.

Traffic School




The entertaining (and very educational) course is divided into easy-to-read sections. At the end of each ...




Our course blends colorful graphics and informative charts with clear, concise, easy-to-understand text....




Each driver’s permit test (Class E Knowledge Test) consists of 50 multiple-choice subject matter...




The TLSAE Course is a required, State of Florida course, that any driver must take before receiving ,...




Florida drivers over the age of 55 can save money on their auto insurance simply by completing ...




Drivers who have had their license suspended under the point system must enroll in this course to...

Our Client’s Reviews

D Dee
D Dee
Cody was awesome! Highly recommended. He will make sure you leave with a liscense! Very professional and makes you feel comfortable. Thank you Cody!
Jimmy Canfield
Jimmy Canfield
Great driver instructor, very nice and easygoing. They help you feel more comfortable driving in various ways. They are easy to understand and communicate with while driving.
Keith Bryant
Keith Bryant
It was a great driving program, they helped me get my license and learn how to be a better driver on the road.
Di No
Di No
It’s a really professional driving school I took the 10 hour course and that’s all I needed,Cody taught me everything I needed to know about driving and how to drive safely during hard situations on the road,3 point turns how to handle the wheel without getting tired, how to do reversals, and park perfectly, also just generally to become a better driver overtime,when the driving course was done we went to do the test I passed the first time and the courses generally made the test a peice of cake, however i see that people calling this driving school a scam and that is disappointing his farther was in the icu at the time and they had no control for the business for about a couple of weeks after his farther had died and the business needed to take control which took a lil time but they have it under control now,Generally I wish they had 10 stars for how much they care for people even thoo there going throo a lot for the past 2 months.And this driving school is great to put yo kid in and see him come right back with a drivers license highly recommend it and good luck to everyone🖤.
Jenn Miles
Jenn Miles
What a truly professional company I tried two other drivers schools they kept me from getting my drivers license this is what I felt like , but when I came to my easy pass driving school they welcomed me and treated me like I was the only person in their Company very professional very humble kind and understanding I learned☝️ more in this one lesson that I did in both driving schools that I took previous they have very good knowledge on driving and especially how to be a defensive driver and also got my drivers license the day of my appointment 😊 this was the best experience I ever had I highly recommend choosing this school for driving lessons thank you Chris and Dennis
Keone Broodie
Keone Broodie
People PLEASE Be Patience and Understanding about this Driving Course Company. THEY ARE NOT SCAMS!!!!!. I have done lessons with this company and They have definitely worth it. Losing the Owner of the Company due to Covid is Something that is Extremely beyond the company’s control. First and Foremost I would like to take my time and Send my Special Condolences and Prayers out to Mr. Dennis’s Family. I am Deeply Saddened to hear what has transpired.This is a Crucial time for them. Instead of Bashing them and the Business right now, Please hear it from someone recently was a Student with This Company. I have took lessons with Both Mr. Dennis and His Christopher. If it wasn’t for these two, I wouldn’t be able to know how to operate behind the wheels and feel comfortable driving. Coming from a person with a Busy Schedule and Only available to do my lessons on The Weekends, Mr. Dennis has been patient showing things that I need to about the road that I barely know as well as his Son Chris did too. They look out for me, they work with my schedule and See the potential that you have when you are willing to learn what they are preparing to teach you.if they was ever a mistake about my schedule or time, they will fix it. I have took sessions with them from April 2021- June 2021 and They had done their due diligence by helping me out. My Condolences ,Thoughts & Prayers goes out to Dennis’s family.


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/ Hour Assessment Only

3 IN 3

(ADI) Advance Driver Improvement

Having your license suspended can pose major problems; finding the time to complete the required 12-hour Florida ADI course is just one of them.

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